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Learn German today and ready to have a wonderful career growth in Germany or India.

Today German is spoken by more than 100 million people. Speaking and understanding German will improve your knowledge of the culture and your employment opportunities. Maybe you want to travel to Germany or study there because although German is sometimes considered to be one of the more difficult languages.

GERMAN Pronunciation

Improve your language pronunciation. Learn how to pronounce the German vowels and consonants correctly.

GERMAN Grammer

Explain each grammatical term, examples are given in both German and English. In this website you can practice Grammar easily though understandable steps with clear exercises and profitable examples.

GERMAN Vocabulary

Mastering communication to a german audience goes beyond just memorizing the words and possessing a cursory knowledge of vocabulary, it means understanding German pronunciation and grammar.

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Age group 7 to 11 years
Course duration 30 Hours
Course days & timings Monday to Friday
Fasttrack including Saturday/Sunday
Course fee Rs. 10,000/-


Age group  12 to 16 years
Course duration 40 Hours

Course days & timings
Monday to Wednesday
Fast track including Saturday/Sunday
Course fee Rs. 15,000/-


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